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Spring 1999

This is a response to the Winter 1999 editorial by Gail Damerow,
used here with permission.

FEEDBACK: Letters From Our Readers

Nurture Assumption

Your Winter 1999 "View from My Window" was a commentary on my wife's book, The Nurture Assumption. Accordingly I put a link to it on The Nurture Assumption's home page at tna/index.htm.

My wife agrees wholeheartedly with your point "that peer pressure can work for the good, and that caring adults can and should take an active role in seeing that it does." Her book contains many such examples, particularly in the chapter about the power of teachers. Actually, she usually avoids using the term "peer pressure," because (as you pointed out) the relations of children to adults and peers are much more varied than that term suggests.

Charles S. Harris
Middletown, NJ

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